Namaste: “I bow to the divine in you”…

A greeting I gratefully give to one and all who enter here, for we are all Divinely created and therefore Divinely inspired. This space was created in order for me to share my Self without any of the many hats I wear: artist, author, teacher…

This is a safe space for me to Be me authentically…

And like a fine wine that ages with time, I ain’t for everybody. My sister Felicia, who one week ago today became my newest Ancestor, was also my greatest proponent of being who I am regardless of what friend, foe, or society thinks. She always accepted me for who and what I was, without one word about changing Self to make her or others comfortable.

And that’s why I have started this new website.

Because all the others I have, although beautiful, are setup to ensure that I step on the least amount of toes. I am an author and teacher after all — a public figure that needs to keep a certain online image and presence, right? But to hell with all of that! I am me — Wysdom — and that’s who I am here to BE.

Life is too short. The painful realization of that came on September 3, 2017, when my 53 year old sister passed away… She was just 2 years older than me. In the last 2 years of her life, Felicia spoke of doing some things for herself that she had not allowed herself to do before. Because of society, because she was single, because she had children — there was a reason that often held her back. But in the last 2 years of her life, she freed her Self from those restrictions and lived life fully.

That’s what Wysdom’s heARTworks is here to do for me. Allow me to live fully, without restriction…

This site is dedicated to my sister, Felicia. And to my art, which I refer to as heARTworks because they are works of art from my heart. It is dedicated to my writing — a love I have which I often don’t make time for (thank you Effy for the nudge!). And yes, it is a place where you can purchase my home decor, ARTiculated Journals, and other trinkets.

But what this website is most: a space for me to explore Self, love Self, and share those parts of Self with the Universe that I am so called to share. I hope you share some of you with me too. This space is claimed as sacred. It’s a safe sharing space. I hope you share and unfold as I do so too.

Namaste. I bow to the divine in you…

heARTworks Stash

I will occasionally feature heARTworks items for sale here.


Wysdom’s heARTworks is a website about my art and writing and whatever may come up for me in this train ride called Life…

I am a mixed media artist and published author. I have a host of various certifications including Certified Color of Woman Teacher and Certified Intentional Creativity Coach. However, my art and writing come from my heart and the yearnings of my heART birthed Wysdom’s heARTworks.

Altered Box
Altered Box

What you will find here are my musings, my dreams, my desires. I will share my art and my writings, my creative process. I will smile; I will cry; I will dance; I will sing… But most of all — I. Will. Be. And I will be me, authentically.

So hop on board and enjoy the ride. There will be space for you to share a bit of you too. It’s no fun if I’m the only one yacking! And this is a safe space where there is no judgement. I love and accept you for who and what you are right now in this moment when you cross my threshold and in the years to come.

You are loved. Just. As. You. Are.

And this space has been created with the intention to be free to share Self as I choose to show up in this world and allow you the space to do so too.



Altered Box Fetish, Part One

I have a passion for creating beautiful things that I can give as gifts. I believe that gifts which are handmade are more cherished (and more valuable) than a gift that is store bought. Anyone can run to the store and pick out a gift but not everyone is willing to sit down and invest time and energy into creating by hand something special for someone special.