To Dream A Dream…

Day 11 of Effy Wild’s September Blog Along…

I have been plugging along with Effy, blogging almost every day of September so far. I think I’ve only missed 3 days, and with my sister’s passing last week that’s understandable. I don’t consider myself a failure in this challenge. I’ve blogged more this month than I have in any other month of my blogging “career” and that, most certainly, is success!

Altered Box
Altered Box

Yesterday, Effy prompted us to write about a dream we had that we let go of and where it led us. I have come to realize that my dream — to have an inspiring online space filled with creativity where I can be truly my Self — is just that. I have a couple of online spaces and they are all creative. Hard to be anything else since that’s who and what I am — a Creative Being. The problem with them is actually with me: I want to share and to teach art and writing as a creative healing tool, and because I want to “teach” it, my online spaces are a bit formal.

Because you know — “Teacher hat.”

Rainbow Dress Girl
Rainbow Dress Girl (Inspired by Hart Party)

How can I ever be taken seriously as a teacher if my space isn’t setup formally as a teaching space? How can I teach anyone anything if I haven’t donned the hat and operate in that persona? How could I ever be an “expert” in my field if my website doesn’t display posh and polished sophistication? All the expert blogs and books and other resources tell you to do just that don’t they???

And then I think about the teachers I’m drawn to, like Effy. They aren’t real “teachy” if you know what I mean… Their websites are beautiful spaces that scream all about them before you read one word. They are professional looking, easy to navigate, and well maintained. But what they aren’t are stuffed shirt business sites that inform you about their businesses but not about themselves. I feel like I’m sitting in Shiloh Sophia’s presence, chatting over a cup of tea when I’m in her online space. I don’t feel like I’m there to conduct business.

ARTiculated Journal: Power Page
ARTiculated Journal: Power Page

So in response to Effy’s nudge about what dream I let go of and where it led me, I say I have been led right here. To Wysdom’s heARTworks… I had let go of the dream of having a free and relaxed space to share, which led me to stiff and “unnatural” websites in the interim. Now I have reached the Light at the end of the tunnel and arrived. Right here where I belong, in my cozy little online home: Wysdom’s heARTworks.

Full circle to a dream realized…

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